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Selections from our portfolio

Lake Country Museum is a community
treasure. A dedicated group of talented
people lovingly collect, archive and
present programs telling the history of
Lake Country. We’re proud to be
associated with this ‘Non-Profit’ site.

Explore the Lake Country Museum site.

At over 100 pages and requiring multiple weekly changes, Ray’s is a classic example of a ‘Premium Business’ site. Because he wants and needs a very affordable maintenance contract, we gave him a great deal on the design price.

Adventures for Successful Singles now consistently ranks #1 with search engines.

Explore Ray’s site.


A small, but very busy builder of homes in Kelowna, Mark’s site needs only occasional updates to the photography as each new house reaches a certain ‘stage’. An example of our ‘Small Business” package,

Newmark Homes also makes a great case for a trendy scrolling single page site.

Explore Mark’s site.



Susan already had a logo she liked but a website that she didn’t. She trimmed and edited all of the content herself. All that was left for us to do was to give her a great new look. Clean and contemporary, this ‘Small Business’ site has already led to a quantum improvement in her search engine rankings.

Explore Susan’s site.




The Kelowna Newcomers’ Club began in 1969 and has continued to be a valuable social club serving people new to the area. It is the largest club of its’ kind in Canada. KNC is entirely run by volunteers and people may belong for several years before ‘graduating’ to an alumni club. Explore KNCs’ site.